Hunter LEAP

Foresight Tactical is accredited as a Hunter LEAP Provider by the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries. Hunter LEAP is a program that provides for best practice hunter education and training and ensures hunters are able to meet the legislated requirements for game licencing, animal welfare and hunter safety standards in New South Wales. Training we are able to provide under Hunter LEAP includes;

  • R-Licence Accreditation Course (Prerequisite for hunting in NSW State Forest)
  • Hunting technique short courses
  1. Bushcraft and survival
  2. Butchering game animals
  3. Calling and decoying foxes
  4. Caping, tanning and taxidermy
  5. Game animal anatomy and shot placement
  6. Hunting rabbits and hares
  7. Hunting wild dogs
  8. Identifying game and feral animals
  9. Introduction to deer hunting
  10. Mapping and navigation basics
  11. Navigation using GPS
  12. Scouting and hunting State forests in NSW
  13. Traditional archery
  • Hunting technique workshops
  1. Deer hunting
  2. Bowhunting
  3. Hunting feral pigs with dogs
  4. Game management

Check our open enrollment courses for upcoming dates or contact us to arrange a date.