Key Personnel

Chief Instructor - Mike Kingston

Mike served for 16 years in the Australian Regular Army. After an initial period of service as an Electronic Technician he corps transferred and became a Physical Training Instructor (PTI), serving as an Adventure Training Leader and a unit PTI for a commando company.  Mike decided he needed a more challenging role and subsequently completed Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) selection. He completed 6 years in the SASR commencing as a water operator but transferring to a freefall troop where he served as a sniper supervisor and patrol signaller. During his time with SASR Mike gained valuable experience in Iraq, Afghanistan, Papua New Guinea, Thailand and Solomon Islands. After leaving the army Mike worked in various management roles in the corporate sector gaining additional experience in South Africa, USA, Saudi Arabia, China and Nigeria. He then took up a position as an Operational Safety Trainer, teaching firearms and defensive tactics for an Australian Government agency before settling into a front line tactical role within the same agency. Mike is also an experienced sporting and recreational shooter.

Mike’s qualifications and experience includes; 

  • Certificate IV in Training & Education
  • Certificate IV in Security Operations
  • Certificate III in Indonesian Language
  • Certificate III in Free Fall Parachuting
  • Certificate II in Basic Parachuting
  • SASR Weapons Course
  • Special Air Service Patrol Course
  • SASR Patrol Communicator
  • Counter Terrorism Sniper Course
  • Advanced Sniper Course
  • Tactical Assault Group Sniper Supervisor
  • SASR Image Capture Course
  • SASR Urban Operations Course
  • Tactical Assault Group Basic Close Quarter Battle
  • SF Advanced CQB Course
  • Special Forces Demolitions Supervisor
  • Special Forces Combat Survival Supervisor
  • Military Unarmed Combat Instructor Course
  • Special Forces Military Roping Supervisor
  • Military Free Fall
  • Parachute Jump Master – Static Line
  • Helicopter Underwater Escape
  • Small Craft Handler
  • SASR Assault Swimmers Course
  • SASR Special Forces Drivers Course
  • Firearms Instructor Licence (QLD)

Training Coordinator - Cameron Lloyd



    Precision Rifle Subject Matter Expert - Jack

    Jack served for 17 years in the Australian Regular Army.  After 7 years of service in an Infantry Battalion he applied for service within Special Operations Command Australia, completing selection for the 2nd Commando Regiment (then 4RAR) in 2006, before going on to complete 10 years as a Commando in the elite Special Operations unit.  During his time as a Commando, Jack completed an extensive range of Special Forces courses, served two tours with Australia’s elite counter terrorism unit, Tactical Assault Group East, served four tours to Afghanistan and more recently undertook operational service in Iraq.  Jack is particularly skilled, and his professional interests lie, in precision long range shooting.  He has applied these skills successfully as a sniper in the War on Terror as well as teaching on numerous military sniper courses in Australia and abroad.  He has also been fortunate to have trained with the world renowned Todd Hodnett from Accuracy 1st and is an experienced sporting and recreational shooter.  Jack has recently left the Army to take up a position, as an Operational Safety Trainer, for an Australian Government department. 

     Jack’s qualifications and experience includes; 

    • Diploma in Security and Risk Management
    • Diploma in Leadership and Management
    • Certificate IV in Training & Education
    • SF Sniper Supervisor
    • SF Sniper Aerial Fire Support Supervisor
    • SF Image Capture and Transfer
    • SF Advanced CQB and Urban Operations
    • SASR Armed Response Protection Team
    • SF Demolitions and Breacher Specialist
    • Tactical Assault Group and SF Specialist Driver
    • Military Freefall and High Altitude Parachute Operations

    Defensive Tactics Subject Matter Expert - Bleddyn “Taff” Davies

    Taff is a former Special Air Service Regiment Trooper with operational service in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He is also a former police officer having served in the Western Australian Police as a detective and Operational Safety Trainer.  Taff worked with Paul Cale in developing curriculum and teaching Australian Commandos at the Integrated Combat Centre (ICC), Australia's military centre of excellence for unarmed combat. They also delivered this training internationally, to United States Navy SEALs and Green Berets. He continues to maintain a training commitment at ICC.  Taff holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu which he received from 6 time world champion (and trainer of several UFC champions) Robert Drysdale, the legendary Royler Gracie and Rodrego “Comprido” Mediros. He was the first ever Robert Drysdale black belt.  Taff currently owns, and is the head coach, at The Arena Mixed Martial Arts in Rockingham, Western Australia.

     United States Representative/Adjunct Instructor – William Bonner

    William has worked in municipal law enforcement for 17 years, spread between two different agencies in North Carolina. After attending college for a Criminal Justice major, he began his law enforcement career as a Patrol Officer in 2000 and has since held the positions of Field Training Officer, General Crimes Investigator, Special Victims Unit Investigator, Juvenile Crime Investigator and Tactical Anti-Crime Unit. He is currently assigned to the Center City Unit, which is primarily responsible for special events and crowd control.  William is one of the department’s Specialized Instructors, and created and implemented their Patrol Carbine Program. He is a Specialized Firearms Instructor and is the department’s Lead Subject Control/Arrest Techniques Instructor. He is also currently a Master Operator on the Emergency Response Team for his agency. He has 14 years of active time on the Team and currently serves as the Team’s Lead Sniper and Sniper Element Leader.  William is also a lifelong shooter and martial artist and holds a black belt in Shorin-Ryu Karate.

    William’s qualifications and experience includes:

    • AAS Criminal Justice
    • General Law Enforcement Certificate (NC, 2000)
    • Intermediate Law Enforcement Certificate (NC, 2005)
    • Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate (NC, 2011)
    • Field Training Officer Certificate
    • Chemical Analyst Certificate
    • Law Enforcement Rappel Instructor
    • NCJA Specialized Firearms Instructor
    • NCJA Specialized Subject Control and Arrest Techniques Instructor
    • SIMUNITIONS Certified Instructor
    • PPCT Spontaneous Knife Defense Instructor
    • Fox Labs Oleoresin Capsicum Instructor
    • Stress Inoculation Scenario Training Instructor
    • NTOA Certified Law Enforcement Sniper Instructor
    • NC Concealed Carry Instructor
    • Glock Armorer
    • S&W/Sig Sauer/AR-15 Armorer
    • Member IALEFI
    • Member NTOA
    • Member NCTOA