About Us

Foresight Tactical is an Australian owned business that provides high level firearms and tactical training and consulting services on contract to government departments and government service entities. We also provide firearms training and coaching to military and law enforcement personnel as well as licensed occupational and sporting shooters.

Our training is delivered using our proven, performance based, training methodology.
This results in better skills acquisition and retention for our end users than can be achieved with the more traditional outcome based approach to skills training.

The thing that really sets us apart is our training cadre. We bring together a network of some of the most highly skilled and experienced, firearms and tactical training professionals in Oceania, allowing us to provide world class, custom training solutions. Every member of our network has real world military and/or law enforcement experience, but more importantly, every member can teach these skills to audiences at all levels.

The firearms and tactical training community is plagued by obsolete and incorrect dogma. Not only do we continue to monitor world’s best practice to ensure we remain at the cutting edge, we continue to do our part to contribute to the development of the cutting edge.